"The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl" Full Movie

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Title : The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl

Genre : Action, History

Cast : Rina Takeda (Kisaragi), Mayu Onomura (Hanatsuki), Shiho Fujisawa (Inshun), Kotono (Yayoi), Mitsuki Koga (Shimotsuki), Kentarô Shimazu (Diseased Man), Masanori Mimoto (Higetsu)

Movie Plot : In 16th century feudal Japan the war between the Iga clan and the Kouga clan continues unabated. Typically for such violent disputes it is the women who suffer the most – in this case lowly castrated Kouga clan ninjas are kidnapping woman from their rivals’ lands and transporting them back to their own, with the intent to use them as concubines. Unfortunately for a trio of inept Kouga ninjas, one of the women they’ve kidnapped is Kisaragi (Rina Takeda), a skilled ninja with a long standing vendetta since her mother was kidnapped when she was just a baby.

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