"Sindhu Bhairavi" Full Movie

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Title : Sindhu Bhairavi

Genre : Family, Drama, Music

Cast : Sivakumar (J.K. Balaganapathi), Suhasini Maniratnam (Sindhamani aka Sindhu), Sulakshana (Bhairavi), Delhi Ganesh (Gurumoorthy), Janagaraj (Gajapathi), Prathap K Pothan (Sanjeevi), T. S. Raghavendra (Sindhu's father), Manimala (Sindhu's mother)

Movie Plot : A Carnatic singer J. K. Balaganapathi at the peak of his career loses his credibility as he gets addicted to alcohol due to the loss of an intimate companion Sindhamani aka Sindhu. Bhairavi (JKB's wife) tries to help him get rid of the addiction and fails. As a last resort she requests Sindhu's help and succeeds. The status of relationship between the three after his makeover is the climax

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