"Mischievous Lolita Attacking the Virgin from Behind" Full Movie

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Title : Mischievous Lolita Attacking the Virgin from Behind

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Yûko Mizushima (Keiko / Eru), Mizuho Nakagawa (Yôko), Masahiko Abe (Tôru Ishibashi), Minako Ogawa (Nobue), Sabu Kawahara (Tamajiro), Hideaki Tezuka (Nishida), Hiroshi Mikumo (), Koji Sato (), Yûgo Sawada (Onoda), Rushia Santô (Woman - Unknown Girl), Kôichi Ueda (Boss)

Movie Plot : Toru was an ordinary businessman. One day he found a doll in the trash, and he took it home. In the next morning, he heard strange noises in the house, although he was supposed to be living alone. He finds out that the doll has turned into a real girl, naked, wearing only an apron. And they start to live together.

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