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Title : The Human Chair

Genre : Drama, Crime

Cast : Misa Shimizu (Yoshiko Shinozaki), Jun Kunimura (Shoichiro Shimizu), Kazuhiro Yamaji (Ningen Isu), Yasuko Mitsuura (Tamie), Naoko Amihama (Young girl), Bang-ho Cho (Young girl), Norika Fujiwara (Party Goer), Asako Kobayashi (Modern girl), Asako Maekawa (), Akira Otaka (Yamanaka), Youichi Nukumizu (Yoshimura)

Movie Plot : After seeing her husband off to work, the young author identified only as Yoshiko sets off to read the large collection of letters she received from other young authors. These are often letters containing samples of their work for critique. One large envelope contains a letter. The letter-writer does not provide his name. The letter is a confession of crimes. The letter-writer has no family or friends, and claims to be "ugly beyond description". He is a chair maker and loves his work and all the chairs he creates, even going so far as to claim some sort of intangible connection to his work.

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