"Song of Youth" Full Movie

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Title : Song of Youth

Genre :

Cast : Rocío Dúrcal (Rocío Luzón), Julio Sanjuán (D. César), Margot Cottens (Monja), María Fernanda D'Ocón (Monja), Carlos Estrada (Rafael Luzón), Helga Liné (Elisabeth), Carmen de la Maza (María Ibáñez), Conchita Goyanes (Pochola)

Movie Plot : A town in the Catalan coast hosts two luxury schools: one for boys, run by Don Cesar, a man of antiquated customs, and a female one, run by two nuns, with modern ideas about education. They try to convince D. Cesar that boys and girls should have a healthy friendship. A finding by the sea is the perfect opportunity for students to prove that beautiful human relationship.

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