"Japanese War Bride" Full Movie

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Title : Japanese War Bride

Genre : Drama

Cast : Shirley Yamaguchi (Tae Shimizu), Don Taylor (Jim Sterling), Cameron Mitchell (Art Sterling), Marie Windsor (Fran Sterling), James Bell (Ed Sterling), Louise Lorimer (Harriet Sterling), Philip Ahn (Eitaro Shimizu), Sybil Merritt (Emily Shafer), Lane Nakano (Shiro Hasagawa), Kathleen Mulqueen (Mrs. Milly Shafer), Orley Lindgren (Ted Sterling), May Takasugi (Emma Hasagawa), William Yokota (Mr. Hasagawa), Shizue Matsumoto (Tae's mother (as Susie Matsumoto)), Weaver Levy (Kioto), Jerry Fujikawa (Man at fish market (as Jerrie Fujikawa)), Chieko Sato (Japanese servant), Tetsu Komai (Japanese servant), George Wallace (Woody Blacker)

Movie Plot : A Korean war vet and his bride face subtle and sometimes extreme racism when they return to his home in rural California.

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