"You Never Can Tell" Full Movie

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Title : You Never Can Tell

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy

Cast : Dick Powell (Rex Shepherd), Peggy Dow (Ellen Hathaway), Joyce Holden (Golden Harvest aka Goldie Harvey), Charles Drake (Perry Collins), Albert Sharpe (Grandpa Hathaway), Lou Polan (Police Sergeant Novak), Frank Nelson (Police Lt. Gilpin), William Vedder (Nicholas, Lindsay Butler), Frank Gerstle (Detective), Anthony George (Detective Lt. Louie Luisetti), Tom Dugan (Bus Driver (uncredited)), Henry Kulky (Gorilla, Wrestler / Prisoner (uncredited)), Olan Soule (Dog House Salesman (uncredited))

Movie Plot : An ex-police/army dog (German Shepherd), named Rex inherits a fortune from an eccentric millionaire. But someone poisons him for his fortune, and he gets to go back to earth as a human detective to bring his killer to justice, and protect the girl who used to look after him.

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