"Women in War" Full Movie

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Title : Women in War

Genre : Drama, War

Cast : Elsie Janis (Matron O'Neil), Wendy Barrie (Pamela Starr), Patric Knowles (Lt. Larry Hall), Mae Clarke (Gail Halliday), Dennie Moore (Ginger), Dorothy Peterson (Sister Frances), Billy Gilbert (Pierre, the Cobbler), Lawrence Grant (Sir Gordon, Defense Attorney), Peter Cushing (Capt. Evans (uncredited))

Movie Plot : A "good-time girl", raised by her somewhat lax divorced father, finds herself involved in an accidental death, and the only way she's able to get out of it is to volunteer--albeit reluctantly--to be a nurse in the war effort. She travels to England and is assigned to a hospital under a very strict matron. What the girl doesn't know is that the matron is the mother she has never seen.

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