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Title : Breaking the Ice

Genre :

Cast : Bobby Breen (Tommy Martin), Dolores Costello (Martha Martin), Charles Ruggles (Sam Terwilliger), Irene Dare (Irene Dare), Dorothy Peterson (Annie Decker), Robert Barrat (William Decker), John 'Dusty' King (Henry Johnson), Margaret Hamilton (Mrs. Small), Billy Gilbert (Mr. Small), Jonathan Hale (Mr. Kane), Delmar Watson (Reuben Johnson), Spencer Charters (Smith), Cy Kendall (Judd)

Movie Plot : Breaking The Ice begins while Tommy Martin (Bobby Breen) and his mother, Martha Martin (Dolores Costello) say goodbye to Henry and Reuben Johnson ( John 'Dusty' King and Delmar Watson ). After having stopped by the Mennonite farm, where Tommy and Martha stay with the William and Annie Decker ( Robert Barrat and Dorothy Peterson ), the Johnsons are headed back to their hometown of Goshen. The balance of the film is concerned with both trying to get the necessary train fare and with Tommy clearing his name over a misunderstanding. -Wikipedia

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