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Title : Lockvogel

Genre : Drama

Cast : Jakob Tiedtke (Juwelier Schott), Viktor de Kowa (Schott junior), Fritz Rasp (de Groot, ihr Vormund), Oskar Sima (Makarian), Hilde Weissner (Delia Donovan), Josef Dahmen (1. Bandit)

Movie Plot : Viktor Schott, daredevil and womanizer, is charged by his father, a jeweler, to go to Istanbul and purchase a valuable emerald necklace from a rich Persian and to bring it back by ship to Marseille. A pair of criminals are watching him and attractive Delia, with whom Viktor is in love, is used as bait. His boyhood friend Sibyl, who is in love with Viktor, warns him of the criminal ship owner and the captain, who intend to steal the jewel during a masked ball on board. Shortly before reaching the coast of France, an explosion causes the ship to capsize.

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