"Sumpahan Kum Kum" Full Movie

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Title : Sumpahan Kum Kum

Genre : Horror

Cast : Fezrul Khan (Adi), Putri Mardiana (Nurul), Lydiawati (Mak Tom), Farisya Fatin (Tini), Maimon Mutalib (Mak Leha), Kazaar Saisi (Pak Nuar), Abdul Razak Ahmad (Imam)

Movie Plot : The story begins when Mila, a girl plagued with acne, becomes too ashamed with her looks that she goes to see a local shaman to obtain a charm needle treatment. However, the treatment comes with the condition that Mila cannot look into the mirror for 44 days, to which she agrees. At work, Mila experiences a huge change in her life when men start giving her second looks and attention. Elated, Mila runs home to look into the mirror to see the change that has come over her, only to realize that she has broken the condition that she had been given. Her face then becomes uglier than before, and Mila returns to the shaman to restore her face, only to be given another condition much worse than before.

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