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Title : Victim

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller

Cast : Natasha Sparkes (Yaren), Frank Harper (Colin), Ashley Madekwe (Tia), Jason Maza (Mannie), Ashley Chin (Tyson), Anna Nightingale (Davina), Michael Maris (Jason), Letitia Wright (Nyla), Shanika Warren-Markland (Charmaine), David Harewood (Mr. Ansah), Arnold Oceng (Jayden), Sebastian Street (Bryan), Daniel Braveboy (Bar Man), Richie Campbell (Joseph), Harry Capehorn (Charles), Jamie Davis (Malcolm)

Movie Plot : A young man's attempt to break out of a cycle of violence. When country-girl Tia comes to stay with her cousin in the city, little does she realise that her naivety will disturb the delicate balance of cousin Davina and her group of friends. Living the good life on a career of crime, Davina's friend Tyson struggles to be a parent to his teenage sister Nyla. Getting to know Tia allows Tyson to see a way out of his violent life. But Tia's blossoming romance is a consequence that Davina had not envisaged, and Davina begins to plot a terrible revenge.

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