"Woman Diver's Terror" Full Movie

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Title : Woman Diver's Terror

Genre : Adventure

Cast : Michiko Maeda (), Utako Mitsuya (), Eiji Wakasugi (), Asao Matsumoto (), Masayo Banri (), Shigeru Ogura (), Arata Shibata (), Sôzaburô Kikuchi (), Shinji Arima (), Kyôji Kokonoe (), Hiroshi Hayashi ()

Movie Plot : Chie, who's chosen as 'Ms. Woman Diver', and her friend Yuki, have been missing for several days after they left for Tokyo to be interviewed by a magazine. Later, Yuki is found dead in the sea. Yoshi, Chie's sister, along with sailor Shunsuke, try to find Chie. Soon they learn about a conspiracy with diamonds in a ship sunk in the sea.

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