"Villan" Full Movie

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Title : Villan

Genre : Action, Crime

Cast : Ajith Kumar (Shiva, Vishnu (handicapped)), Meena (Thangam), Kiran Rathod (Lavanya), Sujatha (), Fefsi Vijayan (), N. S. Ramesh Khanna (), Karunas (Thief), Vijayakumar (), Rekha (), R. Sundarrajan (), Nizhalgal Ravi (), Manobala (), Santhana Bharathi (), Pyramid Natarajan (), Bayilvan Ranganathan (), Vinu Chakravarthy (), Lavanya ()

Movie Plot : One of the twins is a bus conductor and the other is handicapped. The elder one, Shiva, overhears his parents' plot to kill his mildly retarded brother, Vishnu. He runs away to another city, with his adorable brother, and strives hard to look after Vishnu. As a result of an incident when 'dada' Sundara Moorthy, who runs a beggar trade beats Vishnu brutally, Vishnu becomes handicapped for life. Matters worsen when Sundara Moorthy becomes the chairman of the institute for the physically handicapped. How Shiva deals with the situation forms the rest of the story. Meanwhile Thangam is in love with Shiva, though he does not know this. Later she gives up her love and lets Lavanya marry Shiva.

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