"Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein" Full Movie

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Title : Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein

Genre : Horror, Action

Cast : Santo (Santo), Blue Demon (Blue Demon), Sasha Montenegro (Alicia Robles), Jorge Russek (Dr. Irving Frankenstein), Ivonne Govea (Marta), Rubén Aguirre (Dr. Molina), Jorge Casanova (Dr. Mora), Carlos Suárez (Henchman)

Movie Plot : Innocent women are being kidnapped and used as guinea pigs for a brain transplant experiment. The diabolical Dr. Frankenstein continues his quest to perfect his brain transplant operation to bring back his deceased wife at any cost - even if it means playing with the lives of others. El Santo and Blue Demon are called in to help when their friend Alicia becomes Dr. Frankenstein's next target. It'll take both heroes to go up against the dastardly doctor and go mano a mano with his super strong zombie Golem.

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