"Queen Bee's Challenge" Full Movie

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Title : Queen Bee's Challenge

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama

Cast : Reiko Ike (Girl Boss of Kyoto), Chiyoko Kazama (Girl Boss of Osaka), Takashi Fujiki (), Asao Koike (Yakuza Boss), Miki Sugimoto (Tomoko), Ichirô Araki (Ichiro), Mikiko Asamatsu (Kyôko)

Movie Plot : When two Girl Bosses fight each other over territory, their enmity is difficult to solve - they are equals in looks, strength, determination, and power of their respective girl gangs. So, the way is open to a mischievous Yakuza Boss who invites them for a peaceful way to decide their feud: a sexual challenge for him to decide who is the better Girl Boss. Trapped, both are subject to the man's lust and sadistic assaults. They escape by joining forces against the yakuza gang, though it costs one of the young women her life - when she was friends already with her former enemy.

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