"The Gamblers" Full Movie

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Title : The Gamblers

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Peter Lohmeyer (Jojo), Adele Neuhauser (Anette), Jochen Nickel (Taxifahrer), Anica Dobra (Kathrin), Hansa Czypionka (Tom), Volker Eckstein (Anwalt), Joachim Kemmer (Strobeck)

Movie Plot : Jojo (Peter Lohmeyer) was counting on his inheritance from a rich uncle to pay off his gambling debts, but the old man played a dirty trick on him, giving him custody of an oversized dog, and leaving the real cash in the hands of one of his neices. His comfortable fantasy of future solvency has been sorely tried; to restore it, he begins to try wooing his cousin Kathrin (the woman with the loot). However, as things progress, he finds himself actually falling for her, which is perhaps the only really decent thing that he's done in his adult life. When he and a gambling buddy take Kathrin (Anica Dobra) on a jaunt to the south of France, things get pretty dicey when a corrupt cop comes onto the scene. In this romantic thriller, only one will survive.

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