"Purely Belter" Full Movie

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Title : Purely Belter

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : Chris Beattie (Gerry McCarten), Greg McLane (Sewell), Charlie Hardwick (Mrs. McCarten), Roy Hudd (Mr. Sewell), Tim Healy (Mr. McCarten), Kevin Whately (Mr. Caird), Tracey Wilkinson (Mrs. Caird), Willie Ross (Ginga), Tracy Whitwell (Clare), Kerry Ann Christiansen (Bridget), Jody Baldwin (Gemma), Su Elliott (Mrs Brabin), Daniel James Lake (Matthew Brabin), Libby Davison (Miss Warren), Val McLane (Maureen), Adam Fogerty (Zak), Anne Orwin (Auntie Maud), Lynne Wilmot (Cashier), Brendan P. Healy (Park Worker), Alan Shearer (Himself)

Movie Plot : Gerry and Sewell are broke. Gerry's still at school and Sewell is unemployed. They both wish for better things in life. Owning two season tickets to their beloved football club is their biggest dream of all. The tickets cost £1000 - they're £1000 short. But they are nothing if not resourceful, and they set themselves a mission to raise the cash. While they think up increasingly outlandish money making schemes - from selling junk to shoplifting and the odd bit of housebreaking - real life begins to interfere with the pair's final scam going hilariously awry landing them in jail, only to discover that their punishment gets them exactly where they want to be!

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