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Title : The Twins

Genre :

Cast : Páll Jósefs Sævarsson (Jón Oddur), Wilhelm Jósefs Sævarsson (Jón Bjarni), Egill Ólafsson (Pabbi), Steinunn Jóhannesdóttir (Mamma)

Movie Plot : The twins Jon Oddur and Jon Bjarni are typical normotensive boy saddles. Sometimes, they have to be quite the most dangerous repeat and even naughty but filial innocence they easily melt everyone's heart. The family also Anna Jane hálfsystir that is poorly organized by the "teenage" and Mike's little sister in the most trouble with potty time. Soffía housekeeper is also an essential part of the family but she could boys while their parents are at work. But if the brothers are so fortunate to have a good family, there are not any.

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