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Title : For Valour

Genre :

Cast : Tom Walls (Doubleday), Ralph Lynn (Major Pyke), Veronica Rose (Phyllis Chisholm), Joan Marion (Clare Chester), Hubert Harben (Mr. Gallop), Henry B. Longhurst (Inspector Harding), Gordon James (Fowle), Reginald Tate (Chester), Evan Thomas (Prison Governor), Alan Napier (General), Joyce Barbour (Barmaid), Romilly Lunge (Stafford), Basil Lynn (Solicitor), Walter Lindsay (Butler), D.J. Williams (Hiccuping Judge)

Movie Plot : In this British comedy, set during the Boer War, a foot soldier saves his major's life. The officer is most grateful and puts the soldier in line for a Victoria Cross (a medal for valor). Unfortunately the well-meaning major's actions cause the soldier to be extradited back to England where he must stand trial for a series of crimes he committed before he joined the military. Later the major scours the British jails in search of the heroic lad. He finally finds him recruiting soldiers for WW I.

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