"Savage Three" Full Movie

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Title : Savage Three

Genre : Crime, Action

Cast : Joe Dallesandro (Ovidio Mainardi), Gianfranco De Grassi (Giacomo), Guido De Carli (Pepe), Martine Brochard (Alba Mainardi), Enrico Maria Salerno (Commissioner SantagĂ ), Carmen Scarpitta (Deputy's Wife), Salvatore Borghese (Guard), Claudio Nicastro (), Luigi Casellato (Mobile Team Leader (as Gigi Casellato)), Ada Pometti (Raped Girl), Umberto Ceriani (Commissioner Tamaraglio), Enzo Garinei (), Gengher Gatti (Watchmaker at Stadium (as Gemgher Gatti))

Movie Plot : The Savage Three are three young men, fresh into the world, who work together at a computer analysis company. All three appear to be calm, level-headed, well-educated young men with the world at their fingertips. They are best friends, working togther by day & playfully carousing at night. Dominated by the Ovidio, played by the handsome Joe Dallesandro, the three young men soon evolve from well-mannered professionals to violent criminals.

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