"Five Fingers of Death" Full Movie

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Title : Five Fingers of Death

Genre : Action

Cast : Lo Lieh (Chao Chih-Hao), Wang Ping (Sung Ying Ying), Bolo Yeung (Pa Tu-er, Mongolian Fighter), Chan Shen (Wan Hung-Chieh), Chiu Hung (Mr. Okada), Chin-Feng Wang (Yen Chu Hung), Fang Mian (Master Suen Hsin-Pei), Tien Feng (Meng Tung-Shun), Hsu Hsia (Master Meng's pupil/Hercules' challenger), Lau Kar-Wing (Master Meng's pupil), Wong Ching-Ho (Tournament judge), James Nam Gung-Fan (Han Lung), Ku Wen-Chung (Master Sung Wu-Yang), Tung Lam (Meng Tien-Hsiung), Gam Tin-Chue (Spectator), Wong Ching (Master Meng's pupil)

Movie Plot : A young boxer joins a martial arts school to increase his skill so he can enter a martial arts competition. He leaves the school when he hears that a local gangster is terrorizing the town. He comes to the aid of a young singer and brings on the wrath of the local gang. He eventually enters the martial arts competition after learning iron palm technique and takes out all competition.

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