"Bald Head for Bald Head" Full Movie

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Title : Bald Head for Bald Head

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Cast : István Gyarmati (Boróka Mihály), Lajos Szabó (Sajtár Dezső), Pásztor Erzsi (Boróka felesége), Haumann Péter (Hajagos, üzletvezető)

Movie Plot : In this naturalistic satire enriched with burlesque, Boróka, the haircutting artist once cuts a hair so, that the customer has to be shaved bald. Sajtár Dezső wants to kill the barber, who feels to be a victim himself immediately. In his anguish he mixes up his apartment, his wife and everything in the uniform world of the block of flats and like a maniac, tries to find after his pursuer. They find each other at a neurological clinic.

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