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Title : Red Sun

Genre : Action, Western

Cast : Charles Bronson (Link Stuart), Ursula Andress (Cristina), Toshirō Mifune (Kuroda Jubie), Alain Delon (Gauche), Capucine (Pepita), Barta Barri (Paco), Guido Lollobrigida (Mace), Anthony Dawson (Hyatt), Gianni Medici (Miguel), Georges Lycan (Sheriff Stone), Luc Merenda (Chato), Tetsu Nakamura (Japanese Ambassador), Jo Nieto (), Julio Peña (Peppie), Mónica Randall (Maria), Hiroshi Tanaka (), Hiroshi Tanaka (2nd Samurai)

Movie Plot : An ancient Japanese sword is robbed by gangsters from the Japanese ambassador while he is traveling through west America. The embassador's bodyguard, a samurai, goes after them with the help of one of the gang leaders who was betrayed by his fellows.

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