"The Thief of Bagdad" Full Movie

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Title : The Thief of Bagdad

Genre :

Cast : Sonja Ziemann (Fatme), Rudolf Prack (Achmed), Paul Kemp (Kalif Omar), Theo Lingen (Hadschi), Fita Benkhoff (Suleika), Hubert von Meyerinck (Hussa Hussa), Fritz Odemar (Ibrahim), Walter Giller (Ommar), Horst Beck (Arzt)

Movie Plot : Fatma has quite the talent for getting herself into trouble and escaping with her head intact. But when she's caught rifling through Caliph Omar's possessions, she finds herself in serious trouble. News of a theft makes the rounds and now the caliph's men are after her. Fortunately, she's able to find refuge with a sheikh, who isn't quite so thorough in checking his possessions. And it's thanks to him, that Fatma is able to get away with her newly acquired goods.

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