"Unentschuldigte Stunde" Full Movie

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Title : Unentschuldigte Stunde

Genre :

Cast : Anton Edthofer (Dr. Karl Henning - Professor), Hans Moser (Anton Riedel - Postamtsvorstand), Dagny Servaes (Sophie - seine Gattin), Gusti Huber (Käte - beider Tochter), Gusti Wolf (Thilde Schreiber - Kätes Freundin), Theo Lingen (Fritz Ortmann - Lehramtskandidat), Werner Finck (Dr. Rudolf Henning - Rechtsanwalt), Genia Nikolaieva (Vera - seine Gattin), Lina Woiwode (Lina - Köchin bei Riedel), Tibor Halmay (Martin - Diener bei Prof. Henning), Rosl Seggers (), Irmgard Hoesch (), Lilia Skala (), Josef Stiegler (), Julius Brandt ()

Movie Plot : When the schoolgirl Kate defends her friend, she is expelled from school. To conceal the incident from her parents, she positions herself ill. Promptly she falls in love with the treating doctor who cures her sudden illness not only, but marries his patient also immediately. But Kate soon bores the life of a doctor's wife. So she decides to secretly catch her ​​high school.

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