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Title : North of Nome

Genre : Crime, Adventure

Cast : Jack Holt (John Raglan), Evelyn Venable (Camilla Bridle), Guinn Williams (Haage), John Miljan (Dawson), Roger Imhof (Judge Bridle), Dorothy Appleby (Ruby), Paul Hurst (Carlson), Frank McGlynn Sr. (U. S. Marshal), Robert Gleckler (Bruno), Ben Hendricks Jr. (Grail), George Cleveland (Ship Captain), Miki Morita (Sato (as Mike Morita)), Chief Blackhawk (Eskimo Hunter (as Blackhawk))

Movie Plot : John Raglan is a seal hunter being hounded by hijackers, so he strands himself on an isolated island in the Bering Sea that is owned by a corporation. During a fierce sea-storm, Raglan rescues the passengers of a floundering ship, which includes the owner of the island, his daughter and her fiancée. The owner threatens to charge Ragland with poaching on private property, and then a gang of seal-skin thieves make an entrance.

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