"The Triumph of the Rat" Full Movie

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Title : The Triumph of the Rat

Genre :

Cast : Ivor Novello (Pierre Boucheron, 'the Rat'), Isabel Jeans (Zelie), Nina Vanna (Madeline), Marie Ault (Mere Colline), Julie Suedo (Mou-Mou), Lewin Mannering (Comte Henri Mercereau), Adeline Hayden Coffin (Duchess de l'orme), Charles Dormer (René Duval), Gabriel Rosca (Apache Dancer), Mickey Brantford (Young Boy)

Movie Plot : Pierre Boucheron, alias 'The Rat' and a former underworld notoriety, is now living the high life as the kept man of Zelie de Chaumet. But when she learns he is planning to marry another woman, her vengeance pursues him into the murkiest depths of Paris...

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