"Brainjacked" Full Movie

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Title : Brainjacked

Genre : Science Fiction, Horror

Cast : Stephen Biro (Dwight), Kevin Anthony Brooks (Mugger), Cyndi Crotts (Jane), Rob Elfstrom (Zoning Official Harold), Michael Kenneth Fahr (Charles), Mark Fisher (Everett Graham), Rod Grant (Dr Karas), Krista Grotte (Heaven), Chris Jackson (Tristan), Nicole Jackson (Tura), Jillian Kinsman (Evelyn Graham)

Movie Plot : A man suffering from debilitating migraines uses trepanation to cure his condition and realize his mind’s full potential, and discovers the dark side of the ancient surgical practice. By drilling a hole into his skull, Tristan will not only realize the true potential of his mind, but also gain access to a clandestine home for runaways known as the Garden. But just when it begins to look like Tristan is on the path to enlightenment, he’s plunged into a terrifying world of eternal darkness.

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