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Title : Stealing Beauty

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Liv Tyler (Lucy Harmon), Sinéad Cusack (Diana Grayson), Jeremy Irons (Alex Parrish), Carlo Cecchi (Carlo Lisca), Donal McCann (Ian Grayson), Jean Marais (M. Guillaume), Rachel Weisz (Miranda Fox), Joseph Fiennes (Christopher Fox), Jason Flemyng (Gregory), Anna Maria Gherardi (Chiarella Donati), D.W. Moffett (Richard), Ignazio Oliva (Osvaldo Donati), Stefania Sandrelli (Noemi), Roberto Zibetti (Niccolò Donati), Francesco Siciliano (Michele Lisca), Mary Jo Sorgani (Maria), Leonardo Treviglio (le Lieutenant)

Movie Plot : Lucy Harmon, an American teenager is arriving in the lush Tuscan countryside to be sculpted by a family friend who lives in a beautiful villa. Lucy visited there four years earlier and exchanged a kiss with an Italian boy with whom she hopes to become reacquainted.

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