"Mr. Vampire 4" Full Movie

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Title : Mr. Vampire 4

Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror

Cast : Wu Ma (Sifu Yi-Yu), Loletta Lee (Ching-Ching), Chin Ka-Lok (Chia-le / Ga Lok), Anthony Chan (Four Eyed Taoist), Yuen Wah (Wu Yuan), Pauline Wong Yuk-Wan (Fox Ghost [cameo]), Hoh Kin-Wai (71th Prince), Chun Kwai-Bo (One of the prince's guards), Chu Tau (One of the prince's guards), Pang Yun-Cheung (One of the prince's guards), Chung Fat (Taoist Crane), Ka Lee (Taoist disciple), Chow Gam-Kong (Taoist disciple), Kwan Yung (Taoist disciple), Cheung Wing-Cheung (Vampire)

Movie Plot : The Buddhist Monk and the Taoist Priest, both blessed with ghost-taming powers, have been quarrelling all over the landscape. Still, they are good friends. The Priest shepherds a group of corpses home. He has to fight off some vicious devils. The Priest's classmate has been assigned the job of accompanying the coffin of a prince back to the capital. One night, a thunderbolt rips the coffin and the prince becomes a vampire. He kills many people. The Priest asks to help. He finds his classmate has killed himself. Before the Priest reaches home, Chia-lo, the Priest's student, is attacked by the princeis attacked by the prince. Chia-lo is rescued by the Priest and the Monk. But when the vampire prince pounces with murderous intensions, the vampire-fighters have to give their last bit of effort and wisdom to save themselves.

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