"The Return of Halleluja" Full Movie

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Title : The Return of Halleluja

Genre :

Cast : George Hilton (Alleluja), Lincoln Tate (Archie), Agata Flori (Fleurette), Raymond Bussières (), Umberto D'Orsi (), Michael Hinz (), Aldo Barberito (), Roberto Camardiel (), Paolo Gozlino (), Riccardo Garrone ()

Movie Plot : Ramirez, the general of the Mexican revolution against Maximilian who has been appointed king of Mexico, organizes his forces to attack the king's General, Miranda. Ramirez realizes that the Aztec Indians would be allies of great value, so he offers to return to them an idol statue that has been stolen from them. Only Alleluja is capable of retrieving the idol from the thieves.

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