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Title : The Sin

Genre : Drama

Cast : Sophia Loren (soeur Germana), Adriano Celentano (Annibale Pezzi), Fernando Rey (le directeur de l'hôpital), Giuseppe Maffioli (le docteur Arrighi), Patrizia De Clara (Hermana Caterina), Juan-Luis Gallardo (Guido), Luis Marín (le brigadier lybien), Sergio Fasanelli (le docteur Filippini), Pilar Gómez Ferrer (Hermana Teresa), Teresa Rabal (Lisa), Valentine (Martina), Tina Aumont (Señora Ricci), Bruno Biasibetti (Ottolenghi), Antonio Alfonso (Gigino), Aldo Farina (Valenzani), Alessandra Mussolini (Sister Germana as a Child), Ezio Clurti (Attilio), Franio Clurti (Pinin), Bruno Scipioni (Chiacchiera), Massimiliano Filoni (Giacomino), Maria Marchi (Madre de Giacomino), Francesca Modigliani (Lucia), Carla Galletti (Gina), Angelo Bellia (Sapigni), Enzo Cannavale (Quinto)

Movie Plot : Sister Germana, a beautiful woman who took the vows following the death of her fiancé Guido, is forced to return from Libya, and becomes the mother superior in a hospital in Lombardy. A young Communist, pretending to be sick, has established himself in the hospital where he has been for some time now, though he tries to make himself useful in whatever way he can. Realizing that the nun does not tolerate his presence, the young man leaves the hospital, and in order to make a living, busies himself as a ‘nurse’ in the town. During the course of a strike, he is wounded. He is brought to the hospital where he is reconciled with the mother superior...

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