"Smoky Canyon" Full Movie

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Title : Smoky Canyon

Genre : Western

Cast : Charles Starrett (Steve Brent / The Durango Kid), Jock Mahoney (Jack Mahoney (as Jack Mahoney)), Danni Sue Nolan (Roberta 'Rob' Woodstock (as Dani Sue Nolan)), Tris Coffin (Carl Buckley), Smiley Burnette (Smiley Burnette), Larry Hudson (Sheriff Bogart)

Movie Plot : Although Smoky Canyon is officially an entry in Charles Starrett's "Durango Kid" western series, the film is essentially a showcase for the talents of Jack (later Jock) Mahoney, who'd been a supporting player and stunt double in the Starrett films for several years. Mahoney plays a sheepman who's framed for the murder of a rancher. It's all part of a scheme by a dishonest cattleman (Tristam Coffin) who hopes to extenuate a range war for his own profit. Starrett assumes his "Durango" disguise to help clear Mahoney's name.

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