"The Senator Was Indiscreet" Full Movie

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Title : The Senator Was Indiscreet

Genre : Comedy

Cast : William Powell (Senator Melvin G. Ashton), Ella Raines (Poppy McNaughton), Peter Lind Hayes (Lew Gibson), Arleen Whelan (Valerie Shepherd), Ray Collins (Houlihan), Allen Jenkins (Farrell), Charles D. Brown (Dinty), Hans Conried (Waiter), Whit Bissell (Oakes), Milton Parsons ('You Know Who'), Francis Pierlot (Frank), Oliver Blake (Indian), Chief Thundercloud (Indian (as Chief Thunder Cloud)), Chief Yowlachie (Indian), Iron Eyes Cody (Indian), Claire Carleton (Ingrid Stuyvesant), Myrna Loy (Mrs. Ashton (Cameo Appearance--uncredited))

Movie Plot : An absurd U.S. senator (William Powell) runs for president, armed with a press agent (Peter Lind Hayes) and a diary of back-room deals.

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