"Charlie Chan at the Olympics" Full Movie

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Title : Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Genre : Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : Warner Oland (Charlie Chan), Katherine DeMille (Yvonne Roland), Keye Luke (Lee Chan), C. Henry Gordon (Arthur Hughes), Pauline Moore (Betty Adams), Allan Lane (Richard Masters), John Eldredge (Mr. Cartwright), Layne Tom Jr. (Charlie Chan Jr), Jonathan Hale (Mr. Hopkins), Morgan Wallace (Honorable Charles Zaraka), Frederick Vogeding (Inspector Strasser), Andrew Tombes (Chief of Homicide E. R. Scott), Arno Frey (Carlos, Zaraka's Henchman), Howard C. Hickman (Police Doctor), David Horsley (Test Pilot Edwards), Theresa Harris (Athlete), George Chandler (Ship's Radio Operator)

Movie Plot : Get ready for a Gold Medal murder mystery! This "tense, thrilling mystery" ('California Congress of Parents and Teachers') pits Charlie Chan against international spies who are using the Berlin Olympic games as the perfect cover...for cold-blooded murder!

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