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Title : The Lost Special

Genre :

Cast : Frank Albertson (Tom Hood), Ernie Nevers (Bob Collins), Cecilia Parker (Betty Moore), Francis Ford (Botter Hood), J. Frank Glendon (Sam Slater), Frank Beal (Horace Moore), Caryl Lincoln (Kate Bland), Tom London (Dirk / Detective Dane), Al Ferguson (Gavin), Jack Clifford (Doran), Edmund Cobb (Spike), Joe Bonomo (Joe), George Magrill (Lefty), Harold Nelson (Prof. Wilson), George DeNormand (Henchman), William Gould (Steele [Ch. 1]), Reb Russell (One of Bob's College Pals), Larry Steers (Maitre d', Red Lantern Cafe [Ch. 3]), Harry Strang (Eddie, Waiter at Red Lantern Cafe [Ch. 3])

Movie Plot : A lady reporter and two college students search for the "Gold Special," a train that disappeared without a trace.

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