The Mambo Kings 1992

The Mambo Kings tells the story of César and Nestor Castillo, brothers and aspiring musicians who flee from Cuba to America in search of the American Dream.

Mambo Café 2000

A beautiful Puerto Rican girl and her family in Spanish harlem devise a novel plan to attract business to their restaurant, causing a wildly comic sequence of events ending in near disaster.

Mad About Mambo 2000

High school student tries to improve soccer skills by practicing dance and falls for his dance partner.

Mambo Mouth 1991

John Leguizamo's award winning one man stage performance as several different characters.

Our Sister Mambo 2015

Loosely based on 1957's "Our Sister Hedy" and 1961's "The Greatest Civil War on Earth", this romantic comedy follows the Wong household, where the father acts as the glue that holds everyone together while Mambo, the protagonist and third daughter, tries to get her other sisters hitched.

Mambo 1955

Silvana Mangano (a very lovely & sexy voiced actress) plays a young, poor Venetian woman, Giovanna Masetti. She is struggling with an difficult life as a shop assistant when one day a young count Enrico sees her in the glass shop where she works. She gets invited to the masquerade ball (ah - if they would have parties like this now - oh wow) with the help of her unscrupulous boyfriend Mario's dirty deal with the count - the glorious evening does not turn out well, not at all. One bright moment to this disastrous evening is Giovanna's meeting up with a troupe of MAMBO dancers in particular the troupe leader, Toni Salerno (Shelley Winters).

Mambo 1951

A Jordan Belson film.

Mambo Cool 2013

White powder, dealers and poseur women in a shady city you hardly get a glimpse of. Not to forget a man who introduces himself as a warrior talking to spirits. Salsa lovers share they love for gorillas, cocaine, sex and massages.

Dollar Mambo 1993

During the American invasion of Panama to oust General Noriega, a mambo dancer is raped by American soldiers. Based on a true incident. There is effectively no dialog in this film: Everything is communicated through dance or pantomime.

Formosa Mambo

When a band of kidnappers attempts to collect a ransom for their young hostage, the boy’s family dismisses it as a prank. Stuck with a youngster to care for and on the lam, the stage is set for a dark comedy of errors. We get this and much more with delicious plot twists and a growing pile-up of fraud and double crosses.

Oh! Qué mambo 1959

Miguel foils a bank robbery and becomes a successful nightclub singer, but he doesn't know that his wife is being courted by an Italian fitness instructor.

Al son del mambo 1950

A fun musical comedy style of the 50s where the infectious rhythm of the son and the mambo, led by the hand by the incomparable Damaso Perez Prado, will a waste of good music and grace. With a formidable cast, and above all a fabulous collector's item.

Del can-can al mambo 1951

Young man convinces his conservative uncle that trendy modern stuff is fun.

Mambo 2017

Julio Mambo (David Sainz) was an international famous song star child. When his voice changed, his famous banished.