Hanni & Nanni 2 2012

The summer break is over and the twins returned to Lindenhof. That has now changed a lot. Because Mrs Theobald had to travel, Mademoiselle Bertoux has taken the lead.

Hanni & Nanni 3 2013

The Lindenhof School is expecting a busload of proper young English ladies as exchange students. The shock is great when the students turn out to be teenage boys! But while Mademoiselle Bertoux is delighted to stage “Romeo and Juliet” with real boys, both Hanni and her sister Nanni fall for their “Romeo,” Clyde.

Nannies 2010

Nannies combines autobiographical elements with a reflection on the presence of nannies in Brazil. With a subjective narration, the film incorporates photographs, domestic footage and newspaper adds from the 20th century, as well as contemporary images of nannies and children, building a personal narrative about the presence of nannies in the daily lives of many Brazilian families. A situation where the affection is genuine, but does not dissolve violence and racism.

On The Nanniwan Frontier 2013

In order to break the great difficulties caused by the Japanese invasion of the Japanese army and the economic blockade of the Kuomintang, the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region government led by the Communist Party of China called on the military and civilians in the border areas to "work while fighting"

Britain's Poshest Nannies 2014

This documentary follows the second-year students of Set 36 at Norland College, a quintessentially British 120-year-old childcare training college in Bath which turns its students into elite 21st century Mary Poppins-style nannies. The programme gives an insight into how contemporary Norland students follow the college's traditions, though the students are also taught more modern disciplines, such as advanced driving skills, how to escape the paparazzi, taking corners at speed in the rain, lifesaving and self-defence. If they successfully finish the 14,000 pounds per year course, a lifetime of employment and travel prospects could be theirs for the taking. Norland Nannies have been sought after by the rich and famous for over a century. Most recently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hired a Norlander as nanny to Prince George. Founded in 1892 by Emily Ward, the college is renowned for its rigorous rules, traditional uniform, perfect hair and clean white gloves.