Black Sheep 1996

When dignified Albert Donnelly runs for Governor, his team moves to keep his slow-witted and klutzy younger brother, Mike, out of the eye of the media. To baby-sit Mike, the campaign assigns sarcastic Steve, who gets the experience of a lifetime when he tries to take Mike out of town during the election.

Black Sheep 2006

A genetic engineering experiment gone horribly awry turns a large flock of docile sheep into unrelenting killing machines in this rural horror comedy directed by Jonathan King and featuring special effects designed by Weta Workshop.

Black Sheep 2018

After the high-profile killing of Damilola Taylor, Cornelius' family move out of London. But when they discover their new town is run by racists, Cornelius takes a drastic step to survive.

Black Sheep 1935

On an ocean liner crossing a professional gambler comes to the aid of a naive young man victimized by a jewel thief. The young man turns out to be his son he's not seen since infancy.

Black Sheep 2006

Black Sheep (original title: Schwarze Schafe) is a german/swiss black and white movie. It's separated into five episodes, which tell stories of the Berlin city life. A hopeless impostor. An East German couple who dreams of the big money. Three Turkish teenagers who do everything to have sex. Two hapless Satanists. And gay boys who dream of a better world. An anarchist, humorous black comedy about life in Berlin.

Black Sheep 2015

Black Sheep follows two brothers from the North of England and their adolescent curiosity for the EDL - a right-wing street protest movement against radical Islam in Britain. This observational documentary portrays the working class youth culture in the North and the impact that the EDL has on these impressionable young men. Watch Sam and Jack decide for themselves whether this organisation, that some call racist and xenophobic, is a cause worth fighting for.

Black Sheep 2019

Often times we may create our own world of darkness, being tied down by anger, depression, anxiety, or stress. We create our own feeling of loneliness and feel as though we are living our lives unnoticed, when in reality it is quite the opposite. We build up these emotions and often times take it out on those around us, expecting things to change. But is it the people around us, or is it ourselves that must change? Sometimes, the only black sheep that we claim exists, is the one within our own minds.

Baa Baaa Black Sheep 2018

The world turns upside down for Baba on his 25th birthday, when he learns that his apparently boring father is in fact a dreaded hitman, and that his family has made a tradition out of this morbid business for the past 12 generations! Now, the time has come for Baba to take over as the 13th. And as if all of this is not enough, there is the strange case of the love interest with her own secrets, a stolen Renoir painting and prowling contract killers. The plot thickens, but is Baba ready for the mayhem that's about to ensue!?

Black Sheep

Black Sheep follows two brothers from the North of England and their adolescent curiosity for the EDL - a right-wing street protest movement against radical Islam in Britain.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep follows a group of Transgender women in Mumbai through the filmmaker's eye, Reshel, through empowering events; break the barriers of popular myth and prejudice. The cinematic journey will move beyond the gritty slums of Mumbai to celebrate the real-life joys and multi-faceted personalities of this unique community of trans genders in India. From empathetic glimpses into their everyday lives, the narrative encapsulates a series of emotions these women go through and the ever-lasting bond made between Reshel and the girls. The film will shine a light on these inspiring Hijras who have demonstrated the courage to go up against society's strictures to fulfill their true destiny.

The Black Sheep

An early documentary production by the Government of India Film Division

Black Sheep Boy 1995

The psychological and emotional motivations of gay sexual fetish, especially relating to gay male teens maturing into men and their sexual exploits.

The Black Sheep 1988

This is a stark yet emasculated story of a High School gang and their assault against society. Although an attempt toward realism is ventured, the movie never really rises above the 'To Sir With Love' sugary-sort-of-message film. This is no 'Boyz N The Hood'.

The Black Sheep of Whitehall 1942

A professor teaching at a correspondence school discovers that a Nazi agent is trying to prevent a trade treaty being signed between England and South America.

White Lies, Black Sheep

James Spooner travels the fiction route with White Lies, Black Sheep, but also interweaves the rudimentary elements of nonfiction (location and behavioral-fueled observation and insight) into this journey -- to such a degree that the outing might well be termed a "scripted documentary." Ayinde Howell stars as Ajamu "A.J." Talib, a young indie rock promoter at ease amid the New York club scene. Though officially Afro-American, he is neither continually conscious of his racial identity, nor -- it seems -- all that affected by it. Meanwhile, his Caucasian buddy Josh (Jeremy Bobb) appears to be grappling with his own racial identity by suppressing his "whiteness" and both acting and thinking black -- dating African-American women, aggressively and vociferously touting The Autobiography of Malcolm X, etc. Initially, though A.J. insists that his African-American heritage is neither here nor there for him, he begins to observe the myriad ways in which it impacts his social relationships.

Black Sheep 2010

The story is set during the World War II. Seven prisoners manage to escape from the penitentiary and hide in a small village forsaken of God and men. Soon after they respire, they face a new hardship - a German subversive group appears near the village. And as the fate decree, the former 'enemies' of the Motherland turn into its fierce defenders. War mutilates lives of millions of people, but sometimes it is the war that makes even the most thorough scoundrel in the world to remember that he is also a MAN.

Black Sheep Gathers No Moss 1997

A girl recalls three generations of the family history, how mother was conceived in the year of the Yarra floods and how life in the 1920's was no less a soap opera that it is today. Unique footage of early Melbourne.

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