Vitalina Varela 2019

Suddenly, in the sumptuous darkness of a neighborhood haunted by solemn shadows, the deep red of bloody sheets. Vitalina Varela is too late; all she can do now is settle her husband’s affairs. She will mourn no unfortunates: facing bitter and fallen men, she resolves to rebuild the memory of a solid shared house in Cape Verde, blueprint by blueprint and wall by wall, fighting the sad reality of a life that could not be built under a decent roof in Portugal.

Porta dos Fundos: Contrato Vitalício 2016

Two friends, Michael Director and actor Rodrigo, receive the grand prize of the jury in a trendy international film festival. After too much drink, Rodrigo signed a contract to participate in the upcoming film of the filmmaker. Miguel disappears and reappears ten years later with a proposal to make a long delirious. Rodrigo is already famous and distrusts the health director. To make matters worse, you realize that to honor the contract will be required to make a film that can destroy not only his career but his life.

Alexandra Beres - Vitality 2006

"The fitness room day my guests in my classes and as them, I myself also appreciating the change. I notice that even if certain parts of the body a little bit left behind, or do not develop sufficiently rapidly. In this case until I change until the training plan reaches a sufficient effect . This movement is based on material quintessential fat burning ground. The main focus of the most desired body shape invested parts: the thigh, abdomen, his bottom, around the waist, but a little back and spine as well. Will need a small dumbbell and towel, and then you go to bed. Bring It On! You can do it! "

Vitality 2012

A provocative look at the broken medical system in America and how our definition of health is skewed. This movie takes us through a journey into LIFESTYLE and teaches us basic things we can do every day that can enhance our health. The mechanistic model of a pill for an ill or replaceable body parts has proven to be ineffective and burdensome. Vitality is a look at how our bodies can thrive given the right inputs and habits.

Always in the Present 2015

Set eight months after the death of writer Cass Horsely following a series of intrusive articles in the press, Vitality tells the story of six of his closest friends attending an event to celebrate his life.

Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky 1936

Popeye is running a women's gymnasium next door to Bluto's cabaret. Seeing Popeye's greater success with women, Bluto dresses in drag and challenges Popeye to various feats of strength.

Tai Chi - Qigong For Vitality And Well Being

Suitable for all people. No pre-requisite necessary. Easy to do. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the smooth flow of qi or life force energy throughout our bodies. The unimpeded flow of qi helps to develop a calm mind and a healthy body. This energy can be enhanced by various methods. The practice of Qigong (Chi Kung) is one such method. It employs relaxation, visualization and various postures to create harmony and balance in our mind and body. This state of calm is conducive to cultivating energy in our bodies. The regular practice of Qigong has a very beneficial effect on our health and well being.

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