"Leap 4 Your Life" Full Movie

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Title : Leap 4 Your Life

Genre : Comedy

Cast : April Telek (Maureen), Allie Bertram (Hilary), MacKenzie Porter (Brooke), Reece Thompson (Matt), Taylor Hill (Molly), Anne Marie DeLuise (Darcy), Nicole Oliver (Hilary's Mom), Nathalie Therriault (Danielle), Ty Hill (Haydn), Julia Benson (Julianna), Dalila Bela (Amy), Jill Morrison (Laine), Adam DiMarco (Jake), Dan Payne (Henry), John Cassini (John), Brendan Meyer (James)

Movie Plot : Winning isn't everything....it's the ONLY thing! In the tradition of 'Waiting for Guffman' and 'This is Spinal Tap',' Leap 4 Your Life' is a feature film mockumentary about a community dance competition. The story follows a group of colourful teen contestants and their enthusiastic parents as they prepare and compete in the 10th Annual Leap 4 Your Life event.

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