"Forbidden at the Wedding Night" Full Movie

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Title : Forbidden at the Wedding Night

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Music, Romance

Cast : Adel Emam (Tahseen), Sohair Ramzy (Mona), Samir Ghanem (Khamis), Mohamed Redda (Ashour), Nabila El Sayed (Zareefa), George Sedhom (Lola), Tewfik El Dekn (Sorcerer)

Movie Plot : Zarifa objects the marriage of her daughter Mona from Tahsin, as she wants her married to a wealthy man, while Ashour, Mona's father, supports the marriage. Zarifa dies, and Ashour, Mona and Tahsin settle on a wedding date, only to see Zarifa's spirit appearing to them trying to spoil their plans.

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