"The First Beautiful Thing" Full Movie

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Title : The First Beautiful Thing

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : Valerio Mastandrea (Bruno Michelucci), Micaela Ramazzotti (Anna Nigiotti in Michelucci - anni '70), Claudia Pandolfi (Valeria Michelucci), Stefania Sandrelli (Anna Nigiotti in Michelucci), Dario Ballantini (Avvocato Cenerini), Marco Messeri (Il Nesi), Fabrizia Sacchi (Sandra), Roberto Rondelli (Armando Mansani (as Bobo Rondelli)), Sergio Albelli (Mario Michelucci), Aurora Frasca (Valeria Michelucci - anni '70), Giacomo Bibbiani (Bruno Michelucci - bambino), Emanuele Barresi (Roberto Lenzi), Giulia Burgalassi (Valeria Michelucci - adolescente), Francesco Rapalino (Bruno - adolescente), Isabella Cecchi (Zia Leda Nigiotti)

Movie Plot : The film tells the story of the Michelucci family, from the nineteen-seventies to the present day: the central character is the stunningly beautiful Anna, the lively, frivolous and sometimes embarrassing mother of Bruno and Valeria. Everything begins in the Summer of 1971, at the annual Summer beauty pageant held at Livorno’s most popular bathing establishment. Anna is unexpectedly crowned “Most Beautiful Mother”, unwittingly stirring the violent jealousy of her husband. From then on, chaos strikes the family and for Anna, Bruno and his sister Valeria, it is the start of an adventure that will only end thirty years later. Bruno ends up living in Milan after managing to escape from Livorno and his mother. He will return to his hometown at the end of the film to be at his mother’s side during her very last days.

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