"7 Days in Slow Motion" Full Movie

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Title : 7 Days in Slow Motion

Genre : Family

Cast : Kishan Das (Guard), Paru Gambhir (Saleha), Ayesha Jalil (Hamid's Mom)

Movie Plot : Ravi's lives his life by the pie-chart his mother defines for him - 60% education and only 0.2% - 2.9 minutes each day for fun! When Ravi and his friends, Hamid and Onka,chance upon the camera of a visiting tourist, they see their dreams come true where they can make a Bollywood film and meet the famous actress, Ms.Ray. The path to making a film is riddled with problems: they only have 7 days to return the camera and their final exams begin in 7 days! The 7 days mark a comical journey where Ravi sets out to make a Bollywood film with his schoolmates, writes a ransom note, casts a heroine in his film, uses creative ways to keep his friends, Hamid and Onka involved in his project during the ever-stressful exam season and keeps his mother thinking that all his hard work was towards his final exams!

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