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Title : A Perfect Life

Genre : Thriller

Cast : Johan Earl (Andrew Walters), Amelia Beau Kaldor (Rachel Barret), Heidi Houghting (Helen Walters), Joe Estevez (Mr. Samuels), Matt Milotich (Rob), Roger Adam Smith (Principal Gordon), Jeff Gannon (Male Newscaster), Belinda Gosbee (Female Newscaster (voice))

Movie Plot : (Long Synopsis) "In this sexy, urban psychological-thriller, handsome Andrew Walters (Johan Earl) leads A Perfect Life, with a high-powered career as a corporate executive and his adoring, beautiful, blonde wife, Helen (Heidi Houghting), by his side. But Andrew lives a parallel existence that Helen knows nothing about and not since Fatal Attraction has an extra-marital affair gone so terribly wrong. When Rachel (Amelia Kaldor) decides she’s no longer happy as the other woman and that their relationship has no future, she plots a deadly, heart-stopping “game” of truth-or-dare in which she makes all the rules. Also starring Joe Estevez and Belinda Gosbee."

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