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Movie: Albakiara(2008)[1146304]
Title Albakiara
Release Date 24 October 2008 (Italy)
Genres Action, Comedy, Drama, Music, Thriller
Production Companies Mikado Film, Pixeldna, Pixit
Raz Degan
Raz Degan...
Ispettore Castri...
Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts...
Kelly Jason (as ...
Ivano Marescotti
Ivano Marescotti...
Commissario Guidotti...


bill-729-637551 on 21 January 2015
There is a fairly simple story somewhere in this film, which I only took an interest in at first because Loredana Cannata ("la Donna Lupo") was in the cast ... I was somewhat irritated to find that she disappeared from the action after a few minutes, but I was soon appeased by some great acting and a well-told (if perhaps a little far-fetched) story. Greed and corruption are the prime movers at first, while petty criminals are unwittingly manipulated by the big wheelers and dealers. Naive teenagers provide a witty sub-plot, which is at first just very funny, but in the end turns sour when it crashes into the world of organized crime. Near the end you may want to look away during one rather disturbing scene (you'll recognize it in time to close your eyes when it comes up.) Otherwise a great piece of unusual film-making, the kind which Italians seem to be very good at.

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