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Title : Psycho Game

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Cast : María Elena Swett (Laura), Paula Echevarría (Ana), Bárbara Elorrieta (Luna), Empar Ferrer (Emilia), Javier Martin (Javier), Fabián Mazzei (Ignacio)

Movie Plot : Javier (Javier Martin) is Spanish and is married to Laura, who is Chilean (Maria Elena Swett). They have a six year old son, living in Chile and enjoy a prosperous economic position. The three are, at last, on vacation in Spain, because Laura seems to have overcome a problem of claustrophobia that prevented him from traveling. The family moved to a camp of Oliva, near the home of the parents of Javier. They meet Ignacio (Fabian Mazzei), a handsome young man, who happens to be a friendly and sociable neighbor. Ignacio is fond of spear fishing and frustrated vocation is music. Laura takes the time to prepare the thesis of Medicine that will have to read to return to Chile.

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