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Title : Dodging the Clock

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Patrice Robitaille (Fred), Pierre-François Legendre (Sébastien), Jean-Philippe Pearson (Paul), Catherine Proulx-Lemay (Isabelle), Julie Perreault (Justine), Geneviève Alarie (Marie), Claude Despins (Richard), Hugo Giroux (Gosselin), Marc St-Martin (Lapointe), Julie Deslauriers (Anne), Claude Michaud (Michaud), Karen Elkin (Claudine), Mélanie Delisle (Receptionist), Martin Laroche (Blanchette), Dominique Quesnel (Pharmacist)

Movie Plot : The passage of time is probably the only concrete proof we have that justice exists in this cruel world. Some people would like to stop time in its tracks, while others choose to follow its path. In this story, three men in their early thirties have reached that age when it's time to start thinking about "getting a life", perhaps starting a family. But how do you handle the fact that your friendships are changing? That, slowly, your new family is becoming the center of your ever-shrinking world? What do you do when you realize your youth is a thing of the past?

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