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Title : A View from Eiffel Tower

Genre : Drama

Cast : Branislav Trifunović (Vanja), Marija Vicković (Marijana), Svetozar Cvetković (Marijanin otac), Darko Rundek (Doktor), Dragana Mrkić (Marijanina majka), Lena Bogdanović (), Petar Božović (), Varja Đukić (), Igor Lazić (), Irfan Mensur (), Andrija Milošević (), Sergej Trifunović (), Dubravka Vukotić ()

Movie Plot : The main character is a young and very beautiful girl, Marijana. Marijana is 25 and when she was 16, her father's boss sexually abused her. Marijana's father did nothing against his boss, and because of that became very successful at his profession due to the boss' assistance. Marijana's father became a famous discreet gynaecologist for illegal abortions. Ten years after the incident, Marijana's family is very rich and popular in her town of Podgorica. Marijana did not forget what happened to her when she was younger. Marijana decides that it is time to avenge what was done to her. She does this by becoming a prostitute, and sleeping with her father's colleagues and there by harming his reputation. At one moment Marijana meets a poor but talented sculptor named Vanja whom she begins to love and care for. Marijana soon discovers that the world of prostitution and love of Vanja cannot coexist.

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